• He loves her? She hates him? Does she? Or is it all an elaborate performance, a show staged as a practical joke on a drunkard found snoozing outside an alehouse? Shakespeare's controversial and rollicking The Taming of the Shrew blends the madcap antics of Petruchio and Kate with the seemingly endless mishaps of the multiple suitors who vie for the hand of Kate’s younger sister, Bianca. This is one of Shakespeare’s most high-spirited comedies, brimming with cunning suitors, counterfeit fathers, identity swaps, duplicitous music lessons, and at the heart of the action, one of Shakespeare’s most vivacious and strongminded female characters. Petruchio and Kate skate around some dicey gender politics, but in our show, with a distinctive twist!
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    Read an article about the company's production of The Taming of the Shrew featured in the November issue of The Old Ottawa South Community Association Review.

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