Two sets of twins separated at sea. A mother picked up by pirates. And a town seemingly under the spell of witchcraft and superstition. What is happening in the world? Welcome to The Comedy of Errors with a Covid twist, a play in which topsy-turvy chaos rules the day! When two halves of the twin pairs – a master and his servant – go on a quest for their long-lost brothers, they wash up on the shores of the ancient city of Ephesus. Unknown to them, they have entered the town where their brothers live. As they walk the streets of Ephesus, they are repeatedly accosted by people who mistake them for their twins. What follows is a crazy escapade of mistaken identities, crossed messages, arrest by the local authorities, and an attempted exorcism by the local priest! No wonder our twins look exhausted! But have no fear, everything is put right by the end. Brother meets brother, parents are reunited, and the witchcraft, well, maybe it has been working its magic all along. This year’s show raised $3300 for the Ottawa Food Bank.

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