This is the play that has everything! Young love, sword fighting, family feuds, a mysterious apothecary, sleeping potions, graveyards at midnight, a costume ball, and thumb-biting (that’s right, thumb-biting, a provocative insult in Shakespearean times). We added an “Ottawa” twist to the classic by having the sparring families on two sides of the language divide: French and English. This means that our English-speaking Romeo is courting the French Juliette, with a good deal of humour that arises as a result! Romeo needs to rely on his mischievous page, Balthasar, to act as a translator during the balcony scene. Poor Romeo! Our show featured a gorgeous (and ominous!) dance sequence at the Capulet Ball. We raised $1563 for Carty House and $3000 for The Gladstone Theatre this year!

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Read an article about the company's production of Romeo et Juliette featured on pages 4-5 the October issue of The Old Ottawa South Community Association Review.

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