• Travel across the ocean to a medieval marketplace in ancient Verona. The scent of lemon blossoms is wafting on the air. Somewhere, in the distance, you can hear the strains of an old Italian tune…. But wait! There is a clamour in the streets! The city is being torn apart by an ancient feud between two of its leading families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Poor Romeo is caught in the middle – a Montague lord in love with Capulet’s daughter. A plague on both their houses! So many people keep interfering: the meddling nurse who cannot keep her thoughts to herself; the holy friar with his unfortunate penchant for complex schemes; the hot-tempered street fighter who despises the word “peace”; the disreputable apothecary selling deadly potions. With friends like these, who needs enemies! Doomed from the beginning, Romeo and Juliet believe that love conquers all… even death. Our production of Romeo and Juliet raised $3100 for the Ottawa women’s shelter, Harmony House. 

Arts and Culture

Read an article about the company's production of Romeo and Juliet featured in the November issue of The Old Ottawa South Community Association Review .



For additional photographs visit our gallery:
Romeo and Juliet portraits, by Bruce Deachman



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