The King of Navarre and his three buddies have sworn an oath to avoid the company of women for three years while they devote themselves to their studies. But who expected the Princess of France to arrive with her three ladies in waiting? Chaos ensues as the lords struggle to preserve their “little academe” while each of the four succumbs to the charms of the visitors. Top that off with a phlegmatic Spaniard who is honing his fencing skills and a snooty schoolmaster who believes he has the talent to put on a theatre spectacle to entertain the King and his friends. Such a gorgeous play, and one of Shakespeare’s silliest comedies. Our shows raised $2400 for Restoring Hope Youth Shelter and $2600 for The Gladstone Theatre!

Community Arts and Culture

Read an article about the company's production of Love's Labour's Lost featured on pages 20-21 the October issue of The Old Ottawa South Community Association Review.

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