• The Forest of Arden is a busy place these days! It’s full of people who are not what they seem. Brothers are hiding from brothers. An exiled Duke and his followers have set up a court in the forest. A love-struck man is attaching poems to the trees. And two young women are wandering the woods in disguise. Everyone has a secret! And when there are disguises….. there is trouble! Featuring a preposterous wrestling match, a depressed philosopher, an insightful court jester, a lovesick goatherd, a disdainful shepherdess, and a very bad poet, this play is one of Shakespeare’s favourites. Anything can happen in Arden…. and it does! This year, we raised $2800 for the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

A sneak peek into the 2019 show of As You Like It!

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Read an article about the company's production of As You Like It featured on page 16 of the November issue of The Old Ottawa South Community Association Review.

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