• Wander through the ancient marketplace of Alexandria and let your imagination take flight! Merchants from around the world display their wares. A street musician plays a haunting tune to the shouts and cries in a myriad of languages. A soothsayer, with a basket of snakes, will reveal your future for a small price. A fruit vendor hands you a pomegranate. Suddenly it is interrupted by the clamour of Roman soldiers who burst into the marketplace chanting victory to the Roman legions! The Romans are occupying Alexandria. Mark Antony is there, one of the leading figures of the Roman Triumvirate, and he has fallen in love with the last but most splendid of the Egyptian pharaohs: Cleopatra. This is the story of a love that could not be – because the Romans want to expand their empire? because they are fearful of the brilliant and powerful Egyptian queen? because Antony wants to leave his Roman life behind? because Octavian Caesar wants to see the popularity of Mark Antony squelched? Or is it because the goddess Fortune will not allow it? Our production of Antony and Cleopatra was a knock out! We raised $3500 for Ottawa’s Cornerstone Housing for Women and for the Ottawa Tornado Relief Fund.


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Read an article about the company's production of Antony and Cleopatra featured in the November issue of The Old Ottawa South Community Association Review.


For additional photographs visit our gallery:
Antony and Cleopatra portraits, by Bruce Deachman


The Company of Adventurers presented "Scenes from ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA"

at the Ottawa Children's Festival in May 2019!

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